Choosing Life: Friday Fictioneers

Photo Credit: Sandra Crook

Walking across the old bridge, knowing it could fall at any time,

I contemplated the choices and chances that alone are mine.

To wait for the pain and suffering of today to surely pass,

Or to say I have had enough, and this day will be my last.

As I enjoyed the perpetual movement of the waves of the sea,

I thought of the many pleasures yet to be presented to me.

And I realized that, in this life, pain comes and eventually goes.

So, I choose life today, with its uncertain ebb and flow.

Written for the Friday Fictioneers from Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields. Write a story or poem of 100 or fewer words from the photo prompt given. Also written for April Writing Prompts from Putting My Feet in the Dirt: Choices and Chances.

9 thoughts on “Choosing Life: Friday Fictioneers

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    1. I so agree. To see what possibilities tomorrow can bring makes life so interesting. You just never know, but our hope is that no matter what the day brings, we will survive it. Thank you so much for the comment.


  1. Are you spying on me ? You have caught my mood, at times, with great clarity. Pain just wears you out, and sometimes you wish you could be done with it–permanently. But then something comes along–usually, for me, a passage of scripture–that gives me the will and the joy of carrying on until God says, “Okay, come on home.”

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