A Snippet of My Faith

Today, I want to give you a snippet of why I am convinced of the reality of God and His Son, Jesus Christ. My faith is built on my belief that God hears and answers prayer. Psalm 66:5 states, "Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he performs for people!" Let... Continue Reading →

“Where was God?”

"Where was God?" It is a question I hear a lot as a Christian when attempting to comfort someone after the loss of a loved one or a horrifying event. I find it a difficult question, mainly because I do not have an answer. The reasons why suffering occurs is as much one of my... Continue Reading →

Don’t Stop Fishing!

I have never understood the fascination of fishing, but my mother would continue to fish all day, even when she did not catch anything. In a rainstorm, she would keep fishing, until her children started screaming that they were afraid of the lightning! Fishing for Mama was a way to relieve stress, and it was... Continue Reading →

Home is Where You Are

via Daily Prompt: Loyal Finding real love seemed to be a talent that I did not have. I looked around and saw other women with wonderful husbands, and I wondered what they were doing differently from me.  Why did all of my relationships cause me so much emotional and/or physical pain? I finally one day... Continue Reading →

An Angel Who Prayed for Us

When I read the book of Job, I am astonished to know that at one time I thought just as his friends did, meaning that when bad things happen, it must mean someone has sinned. It did not help that I was ashamed of how I was living. So, when my 10-month-old son was diagnosed... Continue Reading →

Speaking for My Father

So, in addition to Huldah, women have been prophets speaking for my Father throughout time, including Miriam, Deborah, and Isaiah's wife in the Old Testament, and Anna and the four daughters of Philip in the New Testament. In Nehemiah 6:14, Noadiah is mentioned as a prophetess who was among the people trying to intimidate Nehemiah! But we seldom hear their stories preached, meaning that girls and women who feel called to the ministry often do not know that they are part of a grand tradition of daughters called to speak for our Father. God the Father has allowed His daughters to be about His business, and it is imperative for all people today to be aware of this fact. Like Huldah the prophetess, I am His daughter, and I take great pleasure in teaching His words.

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