Ode to Beach Lovers Everywhere: Three Things Challenge #73

Oh, to walk along the ocean's shore, Feeling the warm sand between my toes! Odd-shaped bodies, with little modesty, Seem to sprout up wherever you go. Humanity spreads over many miles, Enjoying the sun on their bare skin. Each one with personal stories to tell Of the wondrous places they've been. But pretty umbrellas separate... Continue Reading →

Defining Thankfulness: The Weekend Writing Prompt

The leper in Luke 17: 15-16 who returned to thank Jesus for his healing helped me understand the morphology of gratefulness. True thanksgiving recognizes that we are not entitled to anything in this world. Love and compassion are gifts! Written for the Weekend Writing Prompt #134 from Sammiscribbles. The prompt is Morphology. Write a poem... Continue Reading →

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