Eagle’s Wings

I was backpacking. It was a long uphill trail. My legs were getting very rubbery. Then I looked up and saw an eagle soaring effortlessly uphill. It simply spread its wings and the updrafts lifted it higher and higher. It didn’t have to do anything. Oh how I wished I had eagle’s wings that day.... Continue Reading →

The Backpacking Trip

We piled out of the car, excited to start our Backpacking trip. We slung on our backpacks, waved goodbye to our tolerant parents, yelling, “see you in a week.” Soon, we were hiking, and realized that, having been birthed from the car, nothing functioned yet. Only after hiking slowly for a miledid our cramped muscles... Continue Reading →

The Fatal Flaw

The church was saddened by the news that Mr Smith had died of a heart attack. They asked, “Why did this happen. He was only 40 and he was the head of the youth Sunday School. He had made it something that Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers were excited to attend. He loved God deeply... Continue Reading →

The Muddy Glass

The Muddy Glass Blog Look at the canoe filled with mud, looking rather worthless.  Imagine that you find a cracked glass buried in the mud at the edge of the river. You pick it up and set it on a table to contemplate it. The cracked glass just sits there, useless, full of mud, sand,... Continue Reading →

Leap in the Dark

My friend texted me that all religion is based on (blind) Faith. I trust one thing, he trusts another, but ultimately it comes down to saying, “The Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it, or some similar statement for other religions.” I wondered about how common this perception that one must pick a... Continue Reading →

The Humble Witness

I had to go sign up for jury duty today. We all lined up on the sidewalk as we waited our turn to go through the metal detector. I watched as a shabby, bearded, long-haired man stood on the street and preached to the pedestrians. He was loudly proclaiming that they were sinners and needed... Continue Reading →

Race Traitor and Proud of It

The news was talking about a politician who voted to have a civil war statue torn down. He was accused of being a race traitor. What does that mean? To understand that, we must answer three questions. When and why were the statues put up? What race are they referring to? What concept was he... Continue Reading →

Either The Promised Land or Egypt.

The Promised Land or Egypt. There are times when we have a choice. We choose between taking on a cause or staying safe. We might campaign for an environmental cause, but chance getting fired because our company is impacted. We might protest violence against our group or even another group, but chance the counter-protesters hurting... Continue Reading →

Restoration after Suffering

Corrie had a wonderful ministry, traveling around the world, telling of the amazing things God had done. Then one day, she woke up with God saying, “Germany.” She said, No, God, don’t you remember all the awful things they did? How I suffered and how my sister and father suffered and died at the Nazi’s... Continue Reading →

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