So often I hear people say that the Bible has no relevance for today. But, the Bible is probably the most contemporary book you can find, mainly because there really is “nothing new under the sun.” The meanings of the problems, attitudes, and thoughts of people described and featured in the Old and New Testaments continue to exist today. What is needed are teachings that underscore the contemporary lessons found in the Bible. Utilizing modern stories, many from our lives, with honesty, humor, and honor to God, we seek to provide a more modern view of the Bible.

We chose the name, Isaiah 46 Ministries, as the title of our website becauseĀ  we want to emphasize that God has been a part of our lives from before we were born, and that He will continue to be throughout our lives. We believe that in learning to use Scripture to deal with modern trials and tribulations, our readers will find themselves less stressed and more hopeful, and will come to see that the Bible never loses its relevance and influence.

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