Rom 7: Blessed with all the Gifts of God and totally powerless to use them. A Blog for the Seriously Spiritual by Douglas

  Imagine that you were given a car, but it wouldn’t start. Then someone said, you need a new alternator, so you put it in but it still balked at starting. Next, a friend suggested better tires. A mechanic said the new advanced computer control system, and finally the parts store suggested their top of... Continue Reading →

Rom 6; What Would you Do if You had a Permanent Get Out of Jail Free Card? A Study for the Seriously Religious by Douglas

Let us review the first five chapters of Romans. Ch 1. God’s wrath is revealed against mankind, because they knew God, but chose to reject Him. God gave them over to their lusts. God gave us the law, which showed us how to get to heaven. We just had to obey the Law completely. Ch... Continue Reading →

Romans 3 The Peak of Despondency Lit by a Ray of Sunshine. A Study for the Seriously Religious.

  Romans 2 leaves off seeming to condemn the Jews the most. Paul starts there, and starts the questions that he’ll continues in the next few chapters. He quickly, though, goes to the conclusion that he has been headed toward in chapters 1 & 2. Since this conclusion, this peak, only leads to despair, he... Continue Reading →

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