Sunday Trees #379

Palm trees are the laid-back members of the tree family. They seem so free and unencumbered, as they beautify the landscape. You just know that there is an ocean or sea nearby to refresh your soul. I liked the "fruit" in these trees. Picture taken in Elche, Spain. Posted for Becca Given's Sunday Trees.

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge-Pathways

Pathways remind me of choices: which way to go to maximize a day's opportunities for reflection and fun? Pathways rarely used lead to surprising places and make it possible to experience views and create memories that few others have witnessed. Villajoisa, Spain: Roman ruins: Pathway to the past. Portimao, Portugal! Step Carefully! Elche, Spain: Which... Continue Reading →

Flower of the Day December 5

These flowers were in the Municipal Park in Elche, Spain. They looked like mums, but may not be. They look as though God himself painted them that vibrant yellow that soothes our souls. Thank you, God, for the color yellow! What a gift!   Posted for Cee's Photography's Flower of the Day December 5, 2018

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