Bible Study on Ezra and Nehemiah

Redemption, Restoration, and Renewal: Trusting in the Promises of God

Contemporary Lessons from the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah

Rev. Regina Davis-Sowers, PhD

This is a study of the post-exilic period in Israel’s history, seeking to fully discover and appreciate the contemporary lessons found in the two books.  Old and New Testament Scriptures will be examined, including some of the Major and Minor prophets, such as Daniel, Jeremiah, and Haggai, to enhance our knowledge and abilities to study the Word of God fully. We will apply the lessons to our everyday lives, looking for ways to teach ourselves and others to trust in the Lord and not lean to their own understanding (Proverbs 3:5). This is not a theological study, although I will add theological insights where appropriate.

Redemption: The Consistency of God’s Love.

Week One: Introduction to Ezra Chapter One (Jeremiah 29, Daniel 9)

Week Two: Ezra Chapter Two: God Touches Hearts: Return to Jerusalem

Week Three: Ezra Chapters Three and Four: A Sense of Belonging, A Job for All

Week Four: Ezra Chapters Five and Six: Rebuilding Despite Opposition

Week Five: Ezra Chapter Seven and Eight: The Gracious Hand of God

Week Six: Ezra Chapters Nine and Ten: A Brief Moment of Grace: Teaching, Confession, and Repentance

Restoration: The Rebuilding of Lives and a Strong Church Community

Week Seven: Nehemiah Chapters One and Two: Prayer Still Works

Week Eight: Nehemiah Chapters Three and Four: Working Together for the  Glory of God

Week Nine: Nehemiah  Chapters  Five and Six: Conflict Resolution

Renewal: The Joy of Committing Our Lives to God

Week Ten:  Nehemiah Chapters Seven and Eight:  Victory through  Perseverance and  Determination

Week Eleven: Nehemiah  Chapter Nine and Ten: Praise for the Power of God’s  Word

Week Twelve: Nehemiah Chapters Eleven through Thirteen: Finding a Place and Purpose in God’s House

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