The Walk by Faith – by Douglas

As a young Christian, I felt called to full time Christian Ministry.  I finished my BS degree so I could go to Bible School for a concentrated 9 month intensive course on the Bible.  While there, I struggled in my Christian Walk.  Therefore, I asked everyone, “how do you get filled with the Spirit.  Everyone gave me a “10 point plan.”  Each plan had things I must do, such as pray daily, read the Bible daily, etc.  Though everyone’s plan was slightly different, something about all of them bothered me.

After I graduated and felt called to missions, the crisis deepened.  One day, while reading books by Corrie Ten Boom, Like Amazing Love and A Prisoner and Yet, and reading Hinds Feet on High Places, while studying Galatians, Romans and Hebrews, a light came on.

Galatians 3:1-3 talks about the foolish Galatians, asking how they got saved.  Was it by good works or by Grace through Faith.  I knew that answer.  No good works save us or even help save us in the slightest.  It is only by putting faith in God’s grace.  Then Galatians says, in the manner you were saved, you must live.  If there was any doubt, Heb 10:38 says the just shall live by faith.  This hit me hard who was searching for a way to earn God’s love.  Then I ran across the killer verse. Rom 14:23 anything not by Faith is sin.  Doing good works to try to earn  something from God was sin.

I sat back and wondered? Can we just do anything we want as long as we believe in God?  God asked me, “When you were 2 years old, did your parents demand that you go to work to pay for your room and board? No.  They provided your needs and asked that you respond by growing up into a man that gave honor to the Sowers name.  The Christian life is similar.”  God then added, “I will provide, not everything you want, but everything you need to live Godly and do the work that I called you to.  Let Love constrain you.  What I did and what I am doing should cause you to respond in Love.  As you feel my heart of Love even for people who hate me, you should respond with love toward them.  When that Love controls me, I can’t sin.

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