What is Faith of “The Walk by Faith” – by Douglas

When we trust God, we have such peace.  Imagine sitting in jail, but filled with love for the other men, and so concerned with their spiritual walk that your thoughts about your own predicament almost vanish.  We can only have such a walk when we have put our needs in God’s hands and trust Him so totally to take care of your needs that you focus on others needs.  To get there, we must understand the Greek word for “faith.”

English has a problem.  That is some words don’t translate easily from the original Greek to English.  Some words have 0 English words.  Some have 1.  The Greek word Pistuo has three equally valid words, belief, faith, and trust.  Belief has become a weak word.  I can believe that airplanes are the safest way to travel, but be emotionally unable to get on one.  That belief is intellectual only.  Faith is a very religious word, and doesn’t carry impact.  Trust is better.

A story can illustrate what I mean.  A man walked along a tightrope across Niagara Falls, pushing a wheelbarrow with 200 lbs of sandbags in it.  On the other side, the crowd cheered to watch this great feat.  The man asked, “How many of you have faith that I could carry you across?”  Everyone raised their hands.  He took the sandbags out and asked, “Who will be the first to get in and go back across?”  Everyone lowered their hands.  He said, “You all believed in me, but not one of you trusted me.

Too often, we believe God in the same way, intellectually only.  That is not saving Faith.  Saving Faith is getting in the “wheelbarrow” and being at perfect peace as He takes us back across the falls.  God will give us small tests to build up that trust so we will be ready when a big one hits.  If we find ourselves blowing up at small problems,  if we collapse and give up at tiny roadblocks, or one of a myriad of other non-trust responses to an obstacle, we are not letting God train us in trust.

After the event I documented in the “Walking by Faith” blog, I had various tests strengthening my trust.  Then I hit a big one.  My first wife filed for divorce.  This came close to destroying me.  All I could do was picture a cat holding on to the very end of a rope.  As I did that I said, “God, I see no way out of this mess.  I will hang on while I trust You to get me out.”  He did.  I shudder to think of what would have happened if I hadn’t let God train me with the little things.

If you are going through a rough time, write me.  Next time, I will post on the Prayer of Faith.  It is not your typical way Christians pray.

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