The Power of Faith – by Douglas

We have amazing power available to us.  The power that raised Jesus from the dead is supposed to reside in us.  Do you trust God that is is there?  There are problems.  We artificially fake it, We quench it, and we want it to be an ego boosting power.  Once we learn to walk in the power, though, we walk from victory to victory.

Think of an army.  It gives new recruits simple power, such as a rifle.  It doesn’t arm them with nuclear rockets.  Those are entrusted to people who have shown over time to be reliable.  Similarly, God empowers us, but he doesn’t show us how to use the greater powers until we have grown in Godliness.  We can rely on him to give us what we need to live a Godly life.

Some people go to church and get all emotional, dancing and singing, etc, but go home and act just like most non-Christians the rest of the week.  Hindus, Muslims, and other religions have their groups that get ecstatic in the same way.  This is not the power of God.  One can’t attain the power of God these physical means.  One has simply gotten an emotional high.  (That is not to say that one can’t be filled with God’s power and then express ones joy that way.)

Other people want to be something special.  The claim a great power, such as Prophesy.  They then prophesy, often saying things that make others feel good.  The people adore this person, giving Him/Her great honor. This is like the false prophets in Jeremiah’s time.  The same could be said for Pastors, evangelists, or missionaries.  Anyone trying to magnify himself doesn’t have the power.

The power is simple.  When you are first saved, you are Baptized into the body, and filled with the power.  Whenever you sin, you quench the power. You must confess your sins, and as soon as you do, you are filled again.  What we forget is that nothing in the Christian life is earned.  You can’t do works to attain the power.  In fact, if you do something to earn something, such as tithe, so God will bless you, you have sinned and quenched the Spirit.  Rom 14 says anything not by Faith is sin.  If you live by trusting God, you will see God’s power at work.

The key is what John the Baptist said, “He must grow greater and I must grow less.”  As we practice loving other people, and focus on them and not ourselves, God will show us more and more about using His power.  Keep sins confessed and trust Him that the power is there and available for you to do your job in nurturing other people.  As you trust Him, you will also grow in peace.

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