The Fatal Flaw

The church was saddened by the news that Mr Smith had died of a heart attack. They asked, “Why did this happen. He was only 40 and he was the head of the youth Sunday School. He had made it something that Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers were excited to attend. He loved God deeply and had a family with young kids.” I knew, though, that he had a fatal flaw. Though he had been a great Christian in so many ways, he had been morbidly obese. Doctors had been telling him for years that he needed to lose weight. Their statements had gotten stronger as God’s response became stronger, his body became more broken.

One time, I was working with Prisoners. I talked to them about how God spoke. He first speaks with a still small voice. If he didn’t listen, God spoke with a louder voice. Then he spoke through hard times, whether sickness, or jail, or lost family. Finally, he would take someone home. They knew the reality of this. When they got in trouble with the law, the first time was not harsh, but it kept getting worse. They had experienced sickness and lost marriages. They had even seen some friends die. Many responded with repentance.

I too had gone through such a time. I had not remained trusting God, but ran away from my responsibilities. I ended homeless, and having lost my children to unbelief. It was only when I repented, returned to God, and cried for healing that things began to change. I had to continually open myself to healing for God to heal. It wasn’t perfect on my part. At times, healing was scary, I closed myself off to God’s work, and had a setback.

Fatal flaws are not easy to overcome. Sometimes they are connected with your genetics, but most often they are connected with your past. Typically, it took years to develop the problem and can take years to heal. Sometimes you need help. Christians do not show a lack of faith by availing themselves of these great resources. God will honor you if you go and use help, and even heal faster. This is like confessing our sins publicly. Remember, it is not that God doesn’t want to heal us. He would love to heal. Continuous prayer is how the New Person fights the Old Person. Over time, It is so great to see the New Man grow strong and mature. Whether it is fighting food, gambling, interpersonal issues, or whatever, You and God make a winning team.

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