Speaking for My Father

I believe that it is very important that little girls hear sermons about women who have served and spoken for God the Father. As a little girl reading my Bible, The King James Translation, I wondered how did girls and women get saved. All of the talk about salvation was on becoming the “sons of God.” Nowhere was written how to become a “daughter of God.” That confused me, and I thought that while males had to repent of their sins to be saved, that either females did not get saved or they were saved automatically, not having any sins to forgive (Yeah, that was a little over the top, even for me!).  I did not know then about masculine pronouns being used to represent both males and females.

Also, the only women I heard preached consistently were Mary, the mother of Jesus and the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31, as one or the other made an entrance each Mother’s Day or Women’s Day.  So I had no idea that women had served as spokespersons for God, which made me question the whole idea of women as ministers and preachers. Then, I was asked to speak one Women’s Day at my church, and I started looking for women in the Bible that nobody knew. That’s when I found her!  Huldah the prophetess!  Boy, was I a happy soul! Here was a woman who had been about her Father’s business, and I had never heard one sermon about her!

I was reading about the reign of King Josiah in 2 Kings 22 (the story can be found also in  2 Chronicles 34:22-33). During  his reign, the book of the law of Moses was found, and the king told his officials to go and inquire of the Lord regarding the instructions in the book. Imagine my surprise when the person they went to was a woman! It says that they went to the prophetess Huldah, wife of Shallum son of Tikvah, son of Harhas, keeper of the wardrobe. She lived in Jerusalem in the Second District. They spoke to her, and afterwards, in verses 15-20, she tells them what the Lord God said, and they report back to the king what Huldah, speaking for her Father, said.

I preached Huldah’s story, and although we were not a congregation in which people brought their Bibles each week, I specifically had the whole congregation, especially the women, bring their Bibles and follow along with me as I read her story. Oh, the joy and the pride on the women’s faces on hearing that a woman had served as spokesperson for God! They kept saying that they had never heard of her, and that they were so happy to know that she existed. Many of the older women had been against women preachers, mainly because they had never heard a sermon on a woman speaking words from God to others. I do not know if I changed their minds, but it made it easier for me to accept the calling to teach God’s words to others.

Afterwards, I kept looking for other women prophetesses, and I found that there were several other prophetesses including Miriam, Deborah, and Isaiah’s wife in the Old Testament, and Anna and the four daughters of Philip in the New Testament. In Nehemiah 6:14, Noadiah is mentioned as a prophetess who was among the people trying to intimidate Nehemiah! Yes, they are few in numbers, but I believe that they are important for the young women in our churches. I would have loved knowing of them!

So, women have been prophets speaking for my Father throughout time, but we seldom hear their stories preached, meaning that girls and women who feel called to the ministry often do not learn that they are part of a grand tradition of daughters called to speak for our Father. God the Father has allowed His daughters to be about His business, and it is imperative for all people today to be aware of this fact.  Like Huldah the prophetess, I am His daughter, and I take great pleasure in teaching His words.

Dear Abba, Father,

To You be honor and praise forevermore! Thank you for allowing Your daughters to speak for You. I do not take the call lightly or for granted. It is an awesome responsibility, and I always want to ensure that I speak and teach only what You, through the Holy Spirit in me, lead and guide me to teach or speak. Touch the hearts of people, O Lord, to hear Your words, no matter who is speaking them. In Jesus, Name. Amen.



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