To Inspire, Encourage, and Convince

This blogging idea has stressed me out, and admittedly, it may be because I have such high expectations for everything I do. I am thankful for the followers that we have, and I want to justify their faith in my talents by learning to blog well.  The reason I began a blog was that I felt called by God to write stories and publish them, along with Bible verses. I have so many stories of help from heaven that I want to tell, to inspire, encourage, and convince people of the reality of God’s love and goodness. When I told my husband what I had done, he asked me to add a blog page for him.

I thought that if I could help people who have experienced the same kinds of problems as me, or similar levels of grief, pain, and suffering, see that we not only can survive but thrive after what seems impossible to endure, then I would spread hope in the world. Over the last 17 years of teaching undergraduate Sociology courses, I used my stories in my lessons, to illustrate concepts and inspire students to understand that the troubles people encounter are not always because they have done anything wrong, but simply because we live in a world where injustice and inequality exist.

Many of the students have said that I should write a book, but I have no clue how to even begin a project of that magnitude. In fact, one of my students from a class in 2016 saw me walking across the quad a few weeks ago, and the first things she said to me was, “Have you finished writing your book? ” I told her that I was not sure anyone would buy a book of my stories, and she said that she would. I thought to myself, “I have not even figured out how to do this blogging thing, much less start to write a book.”

So, I am taking the two-week Learning the Fundamentals course from WordPress, so that I can learn how to blog effectively, because the stories cannot help anyone if I cannot communicate effectively. Also, as a professor, I should have known to take the courses first, but I thought that blogging was easy pickings. Boy, was I wrong! But, we learn best by trial and error. The blogs that I follow inspire and encourage me, and I want to do the same for someone else. Please, pray for me!


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