A Psalm of Praise and Gratitude

I give you praise, for the greatness of your acts towards me through the years. Who but you, O Lord, could have imagined how far I would come in the world! Over the years, you heard and answered my prayers in ways that took my breath away and reminded me that You are indeed the Creator of the world.

You lit the night around me to help me find my way in strange cities when I got lost and could not find my way. It was as if day had started early just for me! What love! You opened doors that I did not know existed, taking me by the hand and leading me to where you knew I needed to be.

You thundered in anger when the violent men hurt me, and you cried so hard at my pain that you flooded the valleys of my soul. It was a time when I learned that just because you released me into this world, you did not leave me alone. You made my enemies not hurt me, confounding them by keeping me sane when they tried to run my crazy because of their own pain. They learned not to mess with your children, O God of my salvation!

You saw my anguish as I laid strewn across the floor calling on you who sees me and hears me, and you provided a blessing, all 6 feet, 230 pounds of intelligence and warmth. You instilled in him a love for me that he did not know he had. You do the impossible, keeping us gasping in awe at your goodness and faithfulness!

When I walked in the valley of cancer, you upheld me, as the chemicals coursed through my veins. And when I thought I would die, you healed me, to continue my work until you say it is finished. If not for your intervention on my part, my Great High Priest, I would be bones in a graveyard, forgotten, never becoming a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, friend, or servant of the Living God.

In the blackness of depression, when I did not know who I was or whose I was, you never left my side, right up until the Light of the World shone brightly around me, renewing my mind, soul, and spirit. Thank you for your compassion, unfailing love, grace, mercy, and everlasting protection.

Thank you for the angels who ride with me through the busy streets, and who drive with me and for me when they see dangers ahead that I cannot see or am too slow in my humanity to respond to, saving my life and the lives of the people who share the highways and byways of life with me.

You knew me before I served one day on earth, and you still know me with my gray hair, just as you promised many years ago. I am your child, and you are the epitome of a Father, as you take my hand and lead me to the next adventure of this life. I am enjoying life in all of its complexities, but never forgetting that I have a heavenly home.

To see you face-to-face will be joyful, and I will honor and praise you, extending thanksgiving and praise forevermore, as I sit in my dwelling place prepared for me, marveling at how great a job you did preparing it for me, customizing it with all the elements I love: the singing of the birds, a snow-covered mountain, and all that is beautiful in each season. The waters of the oceans will attest to how well you know me, so much better than I know myself or can be known.

To you, Savior, Creator, Comforter, the Great I AM, I exalt all that you are, and with so much love in my heart for you, I submit this psalm of praise and gratitude. I hope it will inspire others to write their own to you, for we all have much to thank you for, but we have all had different experiences, so our psalms will be different as well, but no less poignant. I glorify your Name, O Lord! Thank you!

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