A Prince in Rags

I was sleeping in a broken down car, parked in a trash heap. Daily, I dressed in worn clothes and walked to the soup kitchen for lunch. Then, I grabbed some free bread for dinner and walked to work. Afterwards, I frequently had to walk home through the main drug district of the city. I felt completely ashamed of my status.

Compare to this the times I have gone backpacking. Again, I had similar sleeping conditions, whether in a tent or in the open. Also I dressed in worn clothes and the food always left me hungry. I had to walk everywhere, frequently through dangerous bear country. Though my condition was almost identical, in this case, I was totally proud of my status.

What was the real difference, though? Why was I proud of one and ashamed of the other? It was completely a mental attitude. Imagine a king who says to his son, “Some of my subjects feel that we don’t understand them. Could you go live among them?” The son lives among them a while, learning to relate to them and they learn the King cares. He, though, remains comfortable, knowing that he has the castle to return to, that he is still the prince. When I went backpacking, I always knew that it was temporary and I had a lovely house to return to.

When we read the Bible, we are reminded that we are just seeds, and when we get planted (die), we grow into giant Redwoods. Another image is that we are living in tents, but then will trade it for mansions (our new bodies.) We should be confident, head held high, because we are children of the king and someday will live in the castle.

I wish that when I was homeless, I had that attitude. If I realized that God had asked me to live like the homeless so they could see that God cared for them and that I could forever after relate to them, it would have saved so many tears. I felt so sorry for myself and ashamed to admit to people what happened. If I knew God’s attitude, it would have been like the attitude I had when I was backpacking and going to return to the house. As a child of the King, I was rich, doing what God asked, and planning on living in the castle later.

Do you feel like a failure? Have you been complaining about the cards that life has dealt you? Are you sad and hanging your head low? Or do you look at your life from God’s point of view? Not only do we have to look at our life at this moment with the attitude of a winner, but think of this, we are all seeds. When we forget that we are children of the king, but see ourselves as a poor, sickly person, a small shriveled seed. We see a rich healthy person as a large fat seed. Sometimes We shriveled seeds are tempted to be jealous of the fat seeds, but after we are planted, we will be giant redwood trees. Is a giant redwood jealous of a small fat seed?

This is true for Children of the King (God) If you are not, read and pray the salvation prayer.

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