The Shiny Diamond

I remember sitting in a car as we drove someplace. I suddenly noticed colored lights dancing on the ceiling of the car. Looking around to find the source of this never before seen phenomenon, I finally spotted my Grandmother’s diamond ring on her hand, sitting in the sunlight. I wondered, “could this be the source?” It was confirmed when the diamond sent a blast of almost blinding color into my eye. The diamond was sending beams of colored light in all directions. The ones landing in the sunlit areas were difficult to see, but the ones sent into the darkened, shadowy areas were brilliant.

When I was a new Christian, I had turned to God because He offered meaning and direction to my life. Before then, I had been meandering aimlessly, feeling lost. As a young Christian, I came to God, needing healing. My focus was on just that, myself and my needs. God compares new Christians to babies. When a baby is hungry, it cries. When its diaper needs changing, it cries. If it is lonely, cold, or hot, it cries. It is naturally self focused and that is a good thing for the first portion of its life.

As I grew in my walk with God, and received healing, I began to change my focus. I wanted to serve God. I set out to go overseas as a missionary. There was still some self focus, as in “I wanted to preach the gospel.” I strove to learn the Bible, and to learn how to be an effective missionary. To me, this is the young warrior stage of the Christian walk. Just as when a baby grows into a child and then a teen, their focus is on going to school to make something of themselves, so the Christian grows and wants to be the best servant of God. They want to be that diamond sitting in the sunlight, shining the glory of God in dark places.

Continue the image. The teen becomes an adult, gets a job, gets married and starts a family. Now the focus changes. It is on the child growing and becoming something in the world, not as much on self becoming something. As you progress in life, this only intensifies. Grandparents have not only done what they will do, but now they retire. They are even more focused on their children and grandchildren becoming something. Now, the Christian rejoices to see the jewel come out of other people and shining brighter and brighter.

I was reminded of this today in Sunday School. Ch*** was sharing and we were remembering how, several years ago, she was so scared when she received an unfavorable diagnosis. She was still suffering, but now she was at peace, and sharing her peace with others suffering the same problem that she was. We were watching that jewel shine out of her more and more clearly. That is what I want to see in everyone around me. Meandering aimlessly has changed to “me and der” jewels around me shining brightly.

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