Disorganized Procrastinator: Truly Inefficient!

After years of working in corporate America and academia, you would think that I would have overcome my inefficient ways, but, alas, no! I am a disorganized procrastinator, meaning that not only do I wait until the last minute to do anything, but because nothing in my life is organized, I waste or fail to make the best use of my time and resources, the very definition of inefficient.

So much time is spent trying to find things at the last moments that I stay in a perpetual state of unnecessary stress. Every time I take two to three hours to find a piece of information, time that could be better spent doing other activists,  I promise myself that I will do better next time. I constantly tell Douglas that I will organize my files, so that I do not have to keep printing copies of papers I have already printed, but do not know where I placed them, and now I need them tomorrow for class.

I know every new academic year the date of my first class. Yet, inevitably, I slide into class the first day, and the students marvel that the new syllabus is still hot from the copier.  It is the same with my ATM card! Douglas, who is very organized, consistently tells me, “Always put it back in the same place in your pocketbook.” I know that he is right, but my brain just does not work that way.

So, I get to the store, and, yes, I am the lady trying to find her card to pay for items, while the line increases and the cashier’s patience decreases. I have probably had more cards replaced, only to find them in one of the folds at the bottom of my purse. This is so inefficient, because it not only waste my time but also everyone in line behind me.

But, the one place where inefficiency really can cost you huge in loss of time is at the airport. I print the e-boarding passes, and instead of placing them in my purse, I just slip them into one of the other bags. When Douglas and I are next in line, I start looking for them, and, guess what, it takes a while to find them. I keep saying, I know that I have them here somewhere, and when the lady ask us to step aside until I find them, I start to panic, because it seems to never fail that our gate is the last one on the concourse, so we end up running a lot.

You would think that the organized and very efficient Douglas would take control of the boarding passes, but, no, he leaves all the paperwork for traveling to me, even knowing that I am a disorganized procrastinator. Doesn’t that make him inefficient, too?

I am really trying to do better in my older age. I mean to have less procrastination and more organization in my life, for the apostle Paul reminds me in Ephesians 5:15-16, “Look carefully how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of time, because the days are evil.”

But, alas, I have not yet achieved the new efficient me. In fact,  I am getting a little antsy today, as I need to get in touch with our Airbnb host, but first I have to figure out to which of our emails I had the conformation sent. She must wonder if we are still coming, as I am sure her other guests would not wait until less than a week to communicate with her, just in case something happened or plans changed. But, they are probably a little bit more organized.

So, this is a short post today, mainly because I also have not started packing for a two-and-a-half-month trip. But, what’s the hurry? I have four more days, don’t I?




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