Frothy Talk

The sun poured its beams upon our basking bodies. Suddenly the grating voice of our dad erupted into our heat slumbering brains, “you better put on the foul weather gear.” We erupted into frothy talk, “He doesn’t know what he is talking about.” “It is so nice, how could it get wet.” We should have been warned by the fog scudding by, just feet away. A closer exam would have shown spin-drift flying off the tops of the waves. Rounding the race buoy, we stopped running with the wind along the sunny San Francisco shoreline, and sailed at a reach across the slot. We slammed into the fog with the boat pounding into the waves, generating spray that soon covered us with froth. There ensued a mass stampede into the cockpit and down the hatch to avail ourselves of the foul weather gear. Gone was the brainless talk of us cocksure youngsters. Oh how frothy talk made us appear fools.

Froth has no substance to it. I have walked along the ocean on stormy days and seen the spume build up on the sand. A single step crushed the bubbles to nothingness. During the protests led by Cesar Chavez, the farm owners insisted the workers had to use short handled hoes. The reasons spewed from them in unending varieties. Finally, the workers won their complaints and one of the results was long handled hoes. Production increased and the froth spewed by the owners dissolved into nothingness. Were that the only time ignorant people poured forth froth. Being a white that grew up in a deliberately all white city, I was fed a lot of froth and have repeated some. Slowly I have been weeding it out, but foam can fly into the strangest nooks and crannies and surprises me at odd times.

Christians, also, can be guilty letting the sea foam fly. They will repeat what they have been taught without checking it for themselves. One example that I have noticed is that there must be thousands of verses warning about the dangers of the rich and powerful, and how we are supposed to support the working class and oppose the greed of the tycoons. Putting together all the verses makes it rock solid clear. Then there are a couple of verses about homosexuals, that given the societies of the times, have some other interpretations. Instead, so many persecute the homosexual, which it never says to do, and support the upper crust, against the Bible’s clear teaching. I have pointed out to people what the Bible says, only to have them say, “That isn’t what I was taught,” and refuse to believe the Bible. Thus, we can be just as guilty of froth as any one else.

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