Abrupt Disrupt


We came to Portugal hoping that the dry and sunny weather of summer would have started. Instead, our plans were disrupted by rain and cold. There were sunny days where we attained our hopes of outdoor activities. Unfortunately, our return was not to a cozy abode. We shivered in our warmest clothes. Desperately, we scoured the sanctuary for a means of heating. Success, only to see our hopes dashed when the plug didn’t fit the receptacle. We purchased warmer wear, but they didn’t turn it into a comfy pad.

Next, we ransacked the city for a heater. Overcoming a complete language barrier solely brought expensive heaters to light. Finally, we were able to borrow one from the pastor of the church we attended. Alas and Alack, the plug, once again, turned out to contain square pegs that didn’t fit round holes. Yet again, venturing into the burg, chancing language barriers, we found the square electrode adapter. Oh, the blessings of warmth soon ensued … in my mind. Instead we found ourselves huddled round the small island of comfort within the living room. Not quite the pleasant level of comfort we sought where heat seeped into every nook and cranny.

Visions of acquiring a second adapter and running the second but still dysfunctional heater were soon dispelled. A variety of kitchen appliances, run simultaneously with the one heater tripped the circuit breaker. Whether we wanted to run the toaster oven, microwave, water heater, or washing machine, we could only if we turned off the heater. Running a second heater was certainly contraindicated. Soon we learned to close the doors to the room, put chairs on either side of the heater, and put blankets half over us, so the heat would enter and be trapped around our legs. A venture into the restroom was akin to entering the icebox.

We planned on escaping our cold prison every day, but mother nature had alternate plans. Not only did she throw rainy days at us, ones that kept the temps suppressed, but she had a special trick with the wind. Though the wind strove to suck the heat from the house, psychologically, we were beginning to feel in control. Then the wind increased. Some unique geometry to the domicile made the wind howl. Hearing that lonely howl caused me to look outside for the snow. Twasn’t there, but mentally, the temperature dropped ten degrees. Our adventure had reached an abrupt disrupt.

Out of desperation, especially because this was triggering Regina’s Reynaud’s constantly, we searched for another Apt. but with heating. We had to cancel our current reservation, at a cost, and rent one of the few available, at a higher cost. We shift there tomorrow and hope for a satisfying solution. God, though, taught us something valuable. If we were to return to Portugal on a much longer term basis, we would need a quality heating system. I am thankful that we learned the lesson at a relatively cheap cost, rather than moving here and getting stuck in a long term ice box. This was just one of life’s abrupt disrupts, that we have to learn to cope with, and eventually be victorious in.

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