Bubbling with Victory

The Oyster fell out of the basket and lay on the ground. Feeling rejected as it lay there, soon it saw hope coming toward it, but the one it hoped in ended up just stepping on it, leaving it crushed. As other oysters passed by in their baskets, they looked down on the broken one and felt superior. Soon, as the torn oyster lay in the glare of the sun, it began to smell. Now it was rejected and shunned. After a while longer, it was just another dried up piece of road trash. Then one came along and stopped, stunned. He said, “the old body is nothing, but something is trying to bubble to the surface. Oh, my! It is a beautiful pearl.” A companion replied, “you found a diamond, an opal, and now a pearl and that just this week. How do you do it?” “I look for the gem hidden inside.” was the reply.

The pearl was placed in a position of honor. Slowly it came to realize that is was not a broken oyster, smelly, and dried up like the world had tried to teach it. It had always been meant to be a pearl. As it embraced being a pearl, it was surprised at what else bubbled up as a result. Like champagne, little bubbles of joy kept emanating from it. Love also came boiling out, first for other roughly treated and rejected pearls, and then other jewels encased and hidden in their stone bubbles and also rejected.

It is amazing how some of us can feel all superior because we are a better oyster, rejecting our destiny of being a pearl. Many of us feel worthless, because we have been taught that, stepped on and rejected. For example, if we are fat, we can be body shamed into feeling worthless. Or we can go the opposite and develop a fabulous body, but still have ugliness on the inside. After I was cleanesd on the inside and felt my gem coming out, I was amazed. I was brought to a boil. Out of that changed person inside, all sorts of things started bubbling out. I felt good, powerful, whole, bright. I then felt myself wanting it for others. All from one that felt like a worthless, smashed, rejected stone, not realizing there was an emerald inside. I now feel myself bubbling with victory. What gem is inside you? Have you embraced the beautiful gem Jesus says you are, or do you believe the smashed broken piece of trash the world has said you are? (alternatively, believe you are a superior whole rock, looking down on the broken rocks?)

Today, at church, my wife and I met a turquoise. Her body had been broken years ago, but for anyone who looked, she glowed a soft blue delight over them. Her husband was more the strong silver setting that held them together and perfectly complementing her, a setting which enabled her to stand out. She had never been a winner in the world’s eyes, but a victor in God’s.

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