The Appointment

I wrote a blog on the word core. Unfortunately, we had just returned from six weeks in Portugal Saturday night. We had cancelled our internet during our absence. Sunday morning, we made an appointment to get new internet, but it would not be installed until Monday afternoon. Regina bought 24 hours of internet on Sunday.  I tried to log on but it was only for her computer.  In order to post my blog, I needed internet, so Monday morning, I headed for Starbucks.  After buying a cup of coffee and a scone, I logged on. Then I tried to access WordPress. The WiFi was on, but not the internet.

I headed for Burger King, but didn’t want to walk in with my Starbucks coffee, so I sat in my car catching up on Facebook while I finished my brown cup of wake-up juice. Up walked a young man asking for the money to buy a sausage biscuit. I never give money, but if I have time, buy the requested item and spend a little while interacting. After acquiring our repast, we sat, and I started to log on to WordPress.

We started talking, at first about safe subjects, like how he wanted to move to Arizona, and about his families business. Then we started talking about some unusual eating ideas. I suddenly realized from our talk, that the subject of my unpublished blog would be appropriate. We talked about different diets and why people followed them, such as; “My family always eats that way,” “This famous person has been pushing the diet,” “many people claim to have benefited.” I talked about how I only follow ideas that have a solid authority behind them. I told him about the MIND diet I follow, because scientific tests prove it works. Though I talked about diets, it only as a way, a stepping stone, to talk about spiritual things.

Before I could get there, he had begun to feel safer and started sharing more and more problems. After listening a while to the growing list of woes, I brought up the spiritual. I listened to his various ideas about religion, but I mentioned that only one spoke with authority. All others talked about what they thought you needed to do to go to heaven, but only Jesus had been in Heaven and came from there to tell us. The young man was intrigued but started telling me about his addictions and being unable to give them up.

Now, I switched to his and my practical authority. We can check to see if we are going to Heaven because, as the Bible says, we can look to see if we have the Holy Spirit. We can tell that by the signs. I John says; “If we keep His Word,” “if we walk as He walked,” “if we love our brother,” “if we do not love the world,” “if we confess the son,” and about 20 other things. I told him that those 25 things are what 1 John 5:13 is talking about. I went on to say that when the Holy Spirit is in us, He gives us great power. He can overcome a man’s addiction. The person may try and fail, but that is true of all of us fighting sin. We can just confess our sins, and He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us. Thus, we don’t feel like a failure, but a victor! He was excited and hopes to see us Sunday at church. Truly, I ran into all those obstacles to make sure I made it to my appointment. I never posted the blog, but God made sure it was used.

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