Help Needed: I Have Hit the Blogger Wall!

A year ago in June, I started this blog post as a way to prepare to write a memoir. I wanted to present stories of triumph in seemingly impossible situations, to encourage, inspire, and give hope to people experiencing like events. I wanted especially for people to understand and appreciate that I knew that it was only the grace and mercy of God that brought me through, and that it was necessary to learn to trust and believe in God and in Jesus Christ our Lord and the Holy Spirit.

I chose Isaiah 46, particularly verses 3-4, as my foundation scriptures, because I wanted people to know that I am convinced that from birth to death, God watches over us and His angels, and that my stories serve as evidence of the reality of theses words. I have so enjoyed writing the posts, and I am proud of what as been accomplished. Douglas joined me in this endeavor, mainly because I knew that he had much to offer, as he has a more extensive theological grounding in the Scriptures than I do. I have so loved reading his posts.

The comments and receiving likes have been so soul-affirming, and we have had to discuss not getting addicted to the number of likes and views, especially not allowing them to determine our sense of worth and value. Over the last few weeks, I have struggled to write the Psalm Wednesday posts and just to feel that I have something to add to the wonderful conversations on WordPress.

I must follow over 100 sites, for I seem to love them all, and, of course, there is not enough time in the day to actually read them all and get any other work done, but I have my favorites that I just cannot miss, for they bring my soul such joy and I feel compelled to comment on them. It is now difficult to find new ones (that might not be bad), as I have not figured out how to use the new prompts. I think that the likes and views have become too important to me, and so few makes you wonder what is the point? Is this wrong thinking?

Douglas does not read the posts we follow, leaving that up to me, and I am generally the one who comments, although occasionally he answers a new follower. So, is it just me, or do many others find that it seems that everything you want to say is already out there for people to read and appreciate? I have hit a wall, and the enthusiasm of writing seems to have left me. Has anyone else felt this way, and what do you do about it? Is it normal, or have I begun disillusioned by all that is happening in the world today? Is there sometimes a time to just stop?

I still trust and believe in God, and I still hope in Him to “heal the land.” But, each day that goes by, I find myself less able to write. The posts I love are mostly people who tell us of their days and share their pictures and gardens and poetry, people who have such active lives, which I don;t have just now in retirement and simply existing between trips.  Still, I am not a quitter and I know I have a responsibility to our followers to do something, but I also feel an obligation to be sure that I give our followers something worth their time to read.

Any help would be appreciated. I have told Douglas that he can go it alone, completing his Romans series, which people seem to like. It is hard for me to admit that I am stymied in this pursuit, because I have always struggled with caring too much about how others see me. But, this is a community of people who may have answers for me, and I believe that it takes much courage to ask for help and not simply sit back. I feel God is saying to me, “Ask and you shall receive; knock, and the door will be opened; seek and you shall find.” Thanks in advance, lovely ones.

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  1. You clearly are a faith led Christian but the answer you seek is in this post! When the Lord leads us to it, writing a blog post, a book, any number of things our heart and soul yearn for . . . our passion comes from Him, you need only to say yes, trust and follow. It may seem odd at first, but prayer involvess quiet time which means listening in faith . . . then you will come to hear Him inspiring uou in HIS time. It might seem difficult at times, but IF IT IS HIS CALL IT WILL HAPPEN. Let Him know you are willing. You are the pencil in His hand! JUST BELIEVE AND RECEIVE! Blessings!

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    1. Thank you so much. It means a lot that you answered. I thank God for your compassion and advice. I will pray. It seems so trivial when there are mothers and fathers separated from their children, and when people are grieving the loss of loved ones or cancer diagnoses.

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  2. Regina, it is so important to hear what God is calling you to do. Martha’s comment above really hits the mark. Listening to God and then pleasing him. He has made all of us unique, with special gifts placed inside to be used to bless others. The things we have gone through and have triumphed through can really encourage others who are going through hard times. We overcome the accuser of our souls, by the blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony and love our lives so much as to shrink from death. (Revelation 12:11) What you think about will affect your actions. If you feed on the news and fear, it will distort your hearing. You and your struggles are important and God is no respecter of people. He cares and wants us to give his burdens to him. It is so important to hear what God has to say about you in the Bible and to meditate and speak it out to yourself. Before I write a blog post, I ask God what he wants to say and listen. Often it is not what I was thinking. There is a rich deposit of wisdom inside of you, that is waiting to burst into life on the page. Relax, praise God and listen. He is speaking to you and is your helper. Lean on him, drink deeply of his living water, wait and then write what he tells you. You will be amazed what flows out of you! “My heart overflows with a good theme; I address my verses to the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” (Psalm 45:1)

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  3. Blogging is a community, and each of finds our niche. I can understand how overwhelming it is to feel that you must push yourself, how gratifying “likes” and “views” can be. But at the end of the day, the blog is yours and the community that you build is yours. You must do what makes you feel fulfilled as a blogger and as a person and continue to share what feels meaningful to you, otherwise the wall will stay up.
    Good luck to you.

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  4. What I learned through my own blog is to write for myself. I am happy for constant readers and new readers, and I find looking at the stats a way to be validated. If I write a deep post from my heart regarding something so important to me and notice no comments or very few likes, I begin to recoil and my next blog is more surface thoughts and not very deep. The comments and stats go up a little and validation happens.

    I need to circle back often and remember why I started to write my blog…for me with the assistance of the Holy Spirit. I could be a Word sower in this life and I may never really know the impact my words bring to others just because I was not validated by a human after I posted.

    I have hit droughts in writing and that is common. You are entitled to stop writing for some time, your readers are bloggers who get it.

    Do not quit, just change your pace.

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  5. I have been blogging since December 2015. My blog grows slowly. I have learned some important things over those years and know some important tips.

    Be patient- as a blogger myself, I learned to be patient knowing that everyday I may not get a new follower
    Support your followers- my followers motivate me to keep going and never give up.
    Blog you- what I mean by that is show your personality in your posts

    I sometimes took some days off when I blogged in college due to studies because I had to

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