Dream Big or Stay Home

In response to the Daily Addictions prompt today, I decided to innovate our blog by writing a poem to encourage and inspire readers today. We will still write prose, of course.  But, I so enjoy the poetry blogs, and most of the blogs I follow are poetry-based and so well done. But, I want to try new things, so dreaming big, here goes everything!

People say that life can be a dream,

But we must change our ways, it would seem.

In twos or threes is the best way to roam,

But speak face to face, put down the phones.

Remember your seat belt, that you must click it,

Both to be safe and to avoid a ticket.

Love others as you would love yourself,

Place your faith in God, not in your jobs or wealth.

Keep on believing in Him, and never lose your hope,

No matter how long the dream takes, or how broad the scope.

To live life to the fullest, do these things all your days,

And life will be a dream in some wondrous ways.


The Daily Addictions prompt is Innovation.

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