Mirth Keeps the Love Alive

Most women seek a man who will lavish gold and diamonds upon them, and I was no different when I was younger.  But, as I have aged, I have found that a man who keeps me laughing, someone with a great sense of humor and fun, is more precious than gold or diamonds. I hate to burst young illusions, but it is not how much a man can give you that is most important in true love; instead, it is mirth that keeps love alive.

Douglas looks for ways to make me laugh, especially on my dark days when melancholy seeps deep into my mind and heart, and I cannot find joy in any of the usual avenues. My husband brings light into that darkness, just by saying or doing something absolutely kooky that cracks me up.

For instance, Douglas has no rhythm whatsoever.  So, when he tries to dance, I am helpless to keep the laughter at bay.  He knows this to be true.  So, when I put on music to help me find joy in those dark moments, and it doesn’t lift my spirits, Douglas’s dancing will do the trick every time.

He joins me in the living room, and as he starts the jerking movements he calls dancing, but which looks like he has stepped on a live wire, I find myself laughing so hard that I am fearful my sides will split. He laughs at himself, and it is a humorous sight to behold him shaking with mirth, his whole body filled with fun and joy. The sadness goes away, light fills my soul, and I thank and praise God for this wonderful guy whose sense of humor makes my life so enjoyable.

Love is really a relationship in which two people dedicate themselves to making the other person happy and fulfilled. No amount of gold or diamonds can substitute for the ability to bring joy into someone’s life, particularly in the hardest and most difficult moments of their lives.

Through the years, love remains alive and vibrant, not because of material things that can be stolen or lost, but through memories of those unforgettable moments of pure fun and joy, when laughter came so easily and we were amazed at the goodness of life. When times of disagreement come, and they will, no matter how much you love each other, it is those memories that remind us that we are so very fortunate to have that wondrous bit of humanity in our lives.

He is a real superhero to me, and his superpower is the ability to help me and others find humor in the most difficult times, whether through his jokes, his dancing, his “crazy” socks, or his quick wit. People enjoy being around him, and children and pets love him (that may be because of the ten-year-old boy who lives in him). What a gift to humanity!


Fandango’s Prompt is Melancholy. Ragtag’ Prompt is Gold. Daily Addictions’ Prompt is Dedicate. Word of the Day Challenge Prompt is Mirth.

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  1. Later life long time love is sweet with wisdom. Knowing how to laugh, starting with oneself, is just a great gift of lightness and joy. Yay for your loving relationship of mutual appreciation!

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