A Childlike Acceptance and Love: A Compound for Civility

Can we all just get along? This is the question asked by a very anguished Rodney King over 25 years ago, after he was beaten during the riots in Los Angeles in 1992. Sadly, it is still the question today, as people in America stand divided along ideological fault lines, with hate and derision compounding the problems so bad that we are on the verge of  social and political earthquakes that could hurt us all.

What would it take to create a compound that would help Americans be able to once again speak to and of each other with civility? I wrote a poem to look at a possible answer. It’s simplistic, but I don’t think the answer is as complicated as some believe.

 Can we just all get along?

That is the question that was asked.

Yet, today we are so far apart,

Seemingly, still not equal to the task.

Stereotypes used instead of facts,

People see each other as enemy or friend.

You’re either with me or against me,

No middle ground, and they will not bend.

If only we could be like children,

Accepting and loving, together singing their songs,

Not seeing differences as inherently bad,

Then we could once and for all just get along.


Fandango’s prompt is Compound.

3 thoughts on “A Childlike Acceptance and Love: A Compound for Civility

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  1. “Not seeing differences as inherently bad.”

    Unfortunately, our current president is promoting difference as being inherently bad and using those differences as a means to stoke divisions within our nation.

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