A Strange Tea Party: Three Things Challenge

Cara sat looking out of the window, watching people go by in twos and threes. She envied them their camaraderie and wished that they would stop in and say hello to her. But, after the tea party she threw, people had started to avoid her on the streets, snatch their children to their sides as she passed, and even crossed the street to avoid passing her house!

She couldn’t think why she had become an outcast in Ravenscroft-on-the-Sea, the small English village where she had recently moved. She had been told that the people were very friendly and community-minded and that they loved attending tea parties. She racked her brain in regards to what had upset people so much that they had ran out of her house, some of them screaming, as though the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were after them!

The invitation had stated that she and her children requested the attendance of mothers and their children at an afternoon tea party, for the express purpose of introducing themselves to the community. Most of the women came because they had only seen Cara around town, at the market, the bank, or the butcher shop, and had never seen her children.

Mothers were excited about their little girls and boys meeting new friends their ages for possible playmates, for the invitation had made it sound as though Cara had kids of many ages. The vicar was invited to meet the family, in case Cara or the children needed some spiritual counseling, and he agreed to attend, for he never missed a free meal.

After everyone was seated at the tables and looking at the questionable tea and crackers, Cara announced that she would like to introduce her “children” to them. With excitement high, Cara walked in pulling a large wagon behind her, filled to the brim with dolls of all kind, including porcelain dolls, American girl dolls of every race and ethnicity, Cabbage Patch dolls, Barbie dolls of every occupation, and even Ken dolls.

As she started to call them by name and give their age, people seemed a little confused. But, by the time she had introduced the fifth of her children, the stampede for the door had started, with mothers grabbing their children, who were blissfully ignorant of what was occurring, for kids love dolls. She would never have thought that the old vicar could move so fast, but there he was ahead of the crowd, leaving the women and children running behind him.

“Why I never met people so rude in my life,” Cara shouted after them. “How dare you disrespect my children and my home!” As she put her children back into their rooms, she apologized to each one for inviting those brutish villagers to her house.

As the weeks went by and the isolation became so severe, Cara finally had to come to grips with the truth. Finally, she told the children, “I guess this means that we are moving again!”

Three Things Challenge: dolls, questionable, and crackers.



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      1. This is a new season. You do have a story to tell that would give hope to others. Write your story from your unique perspective. Then you can have someone edit it. With God you can scale walls that you never imagined.

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