Dogs Deserve Our Respect

Yesterday, Douglas and I were introduced to our two newest grand-doggies. One of them Douglas’ daughter adopted a dog from the Philippines after learning about the abuse he was suffering. He has three legs, and he was afraid of Douglas, which is unusual for pets. But, he has a fear of all men, preferring women and trusting women only.

He had the most lovely face, white with black spots covering both eyes. There is such a sadness in his eyes, but he is learning to trust. He watched me, but would not let me pet him. We respected his boundaries. I was so proud of my step-daughter and her decision to spend money to bring the dog to a good home in America. She is kind with this dog, and when she leaves him to go out of the room, he just lays down so sadly until she returns.

I wondered if this were normal, but learned that because she was away on business for nearly a week, the dog thought she had left him. So, when she leaves out of his sight, he is understandably anxious. My heart just went out to him, and I hope that soon he will be up playing with his sister and just being a joyful dog.

I don’t understand people who hurt dogs and other animals. They are so defenseless and are at our mercy. God gave humans dominion over the earth, but dominion is not a license to abuse and kill. We are to treat all of God’s creatures, great and small, with respect and love.

When we had our dog, Mr. Bailey, we received so much unconditional love from him, for he could care less about how much money we had, the color of our skin, or whether we were male or female. All that mattered to Bailey was that we cared for him and loved him. Hopefully, our grand-dog will start to feel secure enough to trust Douglas to love him and pet him, and not miss out on a great relationship with a kind, gentle, and loving man who would show him a lot of respect.

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2 thoughts on “Dogs Deserve Our Respect

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  1. Prayers extended out to this dog. I too have a rescue and she is not 6 and still has trust issues. I too do not understand cruelty to dogs. Only thing I can thing of is cruelty breeds cruelty. Come Lord Jesus and heal this land.


  2. Awww, I hope he learns to trust Douglas too. At least he knows he is safe with your daughter. Feeling safe is a big thing for the abused whether animals or people.


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