A Pretzel Rainbow

Joy sat drinking the coffee the flight attendant had brought her, trying to think up a new product to tempt people into her bakery. People enjoyed her cupcakes and pastries each morning, with business so good that she was quite often rushed right off her feet. But, she needed something to draw them into the shop during the slow times of the day.

What could she place in the windows to attract shoppers’ attention and get them to come into the store and shop? She was told that all you need is to get customers into the store and they would buy, buy, and buy. Everything that she thought of had been tried at other bakeries, and she wanted to be known for her originality. Then, fate intervened, as it sometimes will!

The flight attendant interrupted her thoughts, as she asked if Joy would like a free treat and a drink. Joy asked what was available, and one of the choices was chocolate pretzels. Having never thought of chocolate and pretzels together, she was intrigued enough to try them.  They were so good!

She ate the whole bag, and then asked for a second bag. By the time the plane landed in her hometown, Joy knew that she had to find another bag, but try as she did, she could not find chocolate pretzels in any stores in her city.

“Well, if I cannot find them here, then I will have to make them myself,” Joy thought. The next day in her bakery kitchen, she started experimenting with different types of pretzels, including pretzel rods, and chocolate, trying to reproduce the flavors of  the pretzels she had eaten on the plane. She just could not duplicate the taste, to her chagrin.

After many tries and feeling like a failure, a light bulb went off in her head! “I can create my own covered pretzels using many types of candies that will add a different hue and taste. People will see them and will not be able to resist them!” She started with red licorice-covered pretzels, then Skittles-covered pretzels, malted milk ball-covered pretzels, Life-savers-covered pretzels, and Godiva chocolate liqueur-covered pretzels.

When she finished experimenting and laid out the finished products, she had a pretzel rainbow of drizzled colors of red, pink, blue, yellow, brown, orange, green , and purple. They were so amazingly good that she had to restrain herself from eating too many as they came out of the oven, so that she had plenty to sell.

She placed her colorful pretzels in the windows on both sides of her shop. At first, people stared at them, but did not buy them, because whoever heard of a pink pretzel or a green pretzel? But, slowly people started to buy them, and as other people watched them take the first bite, close their eyes in ecstasy at the taste, and then proceed to buy dozens of them, the pretzels started to sell like hotcakes.

She could not make enough of them to keep the shop stocked! What was even more amazing was that people started to buy everything she sold and her shop become so famous that she was offered a show on the Food Network!

Joy had to hire additional bakers and teach them her techniques for candy-covered pretzels. Her pretzel rainbows are now known universally, and tourists from around the world come to her hometown just for her pretzels, to revisit the flavors of their childhood. Joy learned what a difference one event, such as eating chocolate-covered pretzels on a plane, can make in changing our lives for the better! Who knew?!!

Written for August Writing Prompts from Putting My Feet in the Dirt.

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