The Daughter Who Loves Orange

Jackie had been dreading the day when her daughter, Lisa, would be able to choose the color for the walls in her room. Up until now, Jackie and her husband, Michael, had chosen the colors for all of their kids’ rooms. However, they had promised their children that when they turned age 13, they could choose the hue for their walls.  Never in their wildest dreams did they expect to have a daughter who loves orange.

Nearly everything that Lisa owns is orange, when possible, including her workout clothes, bedspread, backpack, shoes, and even her hair! Trying to find things orange had threatened Jackie’s sanity on more than one occasion. Lisa even plans to attend the University of Tennessee when she graduates from high school, just so that she can wear her beloved orange.

The thought of orange walls was just too much for Jackie and Michael to anticipate, but parents have to keep their word. So, off to Home Depot to find an orange that they could all agree o and live with seeing every day. Lisa scans the different shades of orange, using the Paint Color Selector app to see how the color will look on her walls. Because they are big Jacksonville Jaguars fans, Miami Dolphins Light Orange is out for her father! Orange Zest is out for her, and certainly Electric Orange is so out for Jackie! What to do???

“Mom! Dad! I think I found the one we can all agree on,” says Lisa. As she applies it to the wall on the app, they all smile and agree that it is perfect! It meets all of their criteria: it looks calming on the wall and Lisa loves it. It’s Tangerine Fusion, with a hint of yellow, and it is the winner! Yahoo! Headaches over, and now for the painting!

Written for August Writing Prompt: Tangerine Fusion.


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  1. Sweet! What I was a young teen one day I came home and my
    Mother showed me a wallpaper she’s purchased. I thought it was horrible blotches of psychedelic orange pink yellow and purple. But I was too kind to say so, so I told her it was fun and colorful. Unfortunately she’s bought it for MY room!!! Guess she thought a teen would love it. I lived with it for years and hated it until the day I left home for college. I’m glad I never told her as she’d done it to surprise me and out of love Your story reminded me of that funny moment and gave me a smile for my mom, who’s no longer with us. So thank you for that 😊💕

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  2. Being from Georgia and much in to college football, my first thought was “is she a Clemson fan, a Tennessee fan or a Texas fan – all have orange. When I moved into my current home, one bedroom was painted as a “Rockie Red” (Rock Island High). It took 2 coats of Kilz to cover it up. I don’t envy their task but admire their involvement with their children. What a cool thing to look forward at a very awkward age.


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