A Grecian-ish Vacation

As a student in high school, Calista enjoyed reading about the history of Ancient Greece. She had planned to travel a lot after college, and she looked forward to one day visiting Greece and seeing the ruins of cities long since destroyed. But after college, she married and settled down to raise a family. Money was always tight for the one-earner family, so vacations to far-way places was out of the question.

But, Calista was not deterred, for she reasoned that if she could not go to Greece to visit the cities of Ancient Greece, then she could do the next best thing: visit cities in America named after her two favorite cities. Surely, there would be some mention of them in their namesakes.

Therefore, the summer that her husband, Roman, died, Calista used the insurance money to buy Greyhound bus tickets to Sparta and Athens, Georgia. Although she didn’t find anything that referred o Greece in either city, she met some wonderful people, ate a lot of good food, and saw some great architecture, some of which may have been inspired by Ancient Greece. It would have to do.

The moral of the story: Travel and see the places you fancy before you settle down, for you may not get another chance.

Written for the Three Things Challenge from The Haunted Wordsmith: Roman, Athens, and Sparta.

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