Take a Second Look!

Cody always dated slim women, for he believed that the best girls in school were thin girls. But, Mama was the sweetest person in the world, and she was plump and round. Yet, Dad was head over heels in love with Mama and proud to be her husband. He wanted to ask his father about this contradiction in his life, but Dad did not like what he considered to be provocative questions.

Finally, Cody got up the courage to ask his father how he had come to choose Mama to marry, if slim women were supposed to be the best. Daddy responded, “Well, son, it’s like this. When your mother walked past me one day, I found that I could not help but take a second look, and I liked what I saw. I learned then that what matters is not the size of the woman, but the size of her heart! You would do well to remember that, my boy!”

Written for the September Writing Prompts from Putting My Feet in the Dirt: plump and provocative.

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  1. My dad would often tell mom it meant there was more of her to love and as long as he could put his arms around her he was happy.


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