Reliving Her Youthful Days: Three Things Challenge

Mamie doesn’t just sit staring out of the windows of the assisted living facility where she lives, she helps in the kitchen and loves to plan parties for other residents. She is 100 today, an age she never thought she would reach! In spite of the occasional aches and pains, she is grateful to God for her long life, for she accomplished a lot in her time.

She’s had career triumphs as a mathematician and professor that women born a generation before her never would have dreamed possible. She has voted in every election since she qualified to vote. What a wonder to see so many women in Congress today and even more running for election in November 2018!

She wonders what her birthday party will be like, for she had asked Miss Jane, the facility director, to relive some of her youthful days. She had asked for three things that had brought her such pleasures and joys when she was younger and more mobile and spry. If she only gets one of them, she will be content.

First, she looked forward to trying again to do tricks on a yo-yo, such as Walk the Dog, the Creeper, Around the Corner, and her favorite, the Elevator! She had spent hours with her girlfriends playing with the little contraption that her father bought her from the precious little money he made at the quarry.

The yo-yo was believed to have originated in China, but the first historical mention of it was from Greece in 500 B.C. Imagine that! A toy that existed before Christ came into the world, and one still bringing joy to people’s faces!

Second, she was nearly salivating for a taste of a Moon Pie, that wonderful confection of chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers. She loved the balance of flavors that made her mouth happy, and to eat one today would be so great! The moon pie had just been about a year old in 1918 when she was born, having been created in April 29, 1917. Today, they come in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Banana flavors, and Mamie hopes to try one of each!

Lastly, she wants to relive the fun activities she had with her children playing with Silly Putty. Oh, the joy and laughter she shared with her children and, later in life, her grandchildren, as they opened the red Silly Putty egg, and the stretchy goo dropped into their hands.

They had stretched, molded, bounced, and snapped the crazy compound, loving every moment together. Today, it is used by adults as a form of stress relief when folded into a ball shape! How about that!

The hour for the party finally arrived, and Mamie’s two daughters and three sons, along with their children and grandchildren, walked her down to the recreation hall. As she entered, Mamie was taken aback, for there on every table were yo-yos in so many colors, Silly Putty, and Moon Pies in single-decker, double-decker, minis, and in every flavor!

Belying her age, Mamie shouted, “Are y’all ready to parteee? I am!” And party she did, right up until she, exhausted from so much eating and playing, finally sat down and just watched the young people enjoy themselves.

As she was wheeled back to her room, she thanked the Lord again for allowing her to live to see another day, realizing that she had gone way past the promised three score and ten years, even fourscore years. Every day is a bonus and she will live them to the fullest, until she has to fly away to Heaven.

Written for the Three Things Challenge by The Haunted Wordsmith: yo-yo, silly putty, and moon pie.

Scott’s Daily Prompt is Activity.

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