Doing Your Best–September 6th

Michael from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie challenged bloggers to examine the concept of doing your best. 

For me, doing your best used to mean being perfect at wherever I was attempting to do. When my children were younger and all were still yet home, we had Bible study once a week. Of course, they hated it, but the alternative for not showing up, mainly no weekend activities, meant that they were all present each week.

We would read verses of Scripture, and I would expound on the meaning, particularly how the verses could relate to their lives. Sometimes they were enthusiastic to learn, and at other times, they just wanted an hour to pass more quickly. I thought that it was my duty to teach my children God’s words, just as God had instructed the children of Israel to do across all future generations.

We went to church every Sunday, and we often volunteered (or, more to the point, I volunteered us all) to clean the church or do any chores needed before the Sunday worship. Over time, the kids were all confirmed in the United Methodist church we attended then, and I felt I had lived up to what God called me to do, as a good Christian mother.

I was very proud of myself, until I discovered that my oldest child did not go to church or take her children to church or teach them the Bible. When I asked why, she said something like, “You forced us to go to church and to learn the Bible, and I decided that I would not do that to my children. I don’t have to go now, and as an adult, you can’t make me.”

I nearly cried! What happened to Proverbs 22: 6,” Train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old, they will not depart from it?” Yet, to this day, she don’t want to hear a word about being saved and do not want me to “inflict” it on her children. But, because I believe that there are different eternal resting places according to one’s salvation or lack thereof, I want to plead with my daughter and grandchildren to accept Christ as their Savior, so I can spend eternity with them.

I felt the other day to send a group text on God’s love and the need to accept Christ into their hearts, but I stopped short of doing so. My fear is that they will block me on their phones and will have nothing to do with me, cutting me off from great-grandchildren, too. So I pray that God will send someone else to fish for my people.

In my mind, I feel as though I have done my best, but maybe when we define our best as being perfect, then we fall short, for perfection just does not exist in this world. But, if you had good intentions and the goal was to give the tasks all of you, then, maybe, even if the outcome is different from what you expected, you can at least say you gave it your all. That, for me, sometimes is the best that you can do.

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  1. I was raised with similar parents to you. We had bible study every week and went to church every Sunday. About half of my siblings agree with your eldest and felt forced, but myself along with the other half of my siblings felt that we were thought out of love and through love. I’m young so I haven’t had the privilege of having children yet, but I have often pondered how to teach my future children to love the Lord and the Scriptures without making them feel like they are forced. This was a very interesting and insightful read😊

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  2. You have answered your question in saying you did the best you could with your children. There is nothing more you could done. Our children grow, they have their own personalities and they go in directions different to our own. All I do with mine is be there for them, listen to them, give advice where warranted but I can’t as they are adults push any barrow I might like to….our kids are who they are and that so often is not as mirror images of ourselves….I know it hurts at times but mine, all six, are so very different and I enjoy tagging along as they go through life, living a life very different to mine.

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