Coffee Drinker or Heathen?

In the present climate in America, divisions arise out of the most ridiculous things. People decide if you are a help or a hindrance to their ways of thinking by simply knowing what your proclivities may or may not be. I was thinking about this as I listened to a conversation on the benefits of drinking coffee. It seems that there are two schools of thought on coffee and cancer.

Let me admit that I only drink coffee in the winter, and it is decaffeinated coffee, because caffeine makes me shake and my heart race. When I am with friends at breakfast, they seem taken aback when I say that I do not drink coffee. They want to know how I wake up in the morning or get my brain started, and I tell them that obviously coffee is not the only way to start the day. They give me a look that makes me feel as if there are two groups of people: coffee drinkers or heathens, meaning non-coffee drinkers.

Additionally, to the coffee drinkers of my acquaintance,  as a cancer survivor, I should be drinking coffee, particularly premium coffee, to prevent getting cancer again. To the non-coffee drinkers, it was my tendency to drink coffee each morning before work for more than 20 years that contributed to my getting cancer in the first place. The two camps cannot come together and just admit that we don’t have a clue what coffee does or does not do in regards to cancer. A lot more research is needed.

But, that is where the problem lies today. Each person makes rash decisions based on research generated by people who think like them. Any evidence that does not agree with my way of thinking is automatically deemed wrong, so don’t even schedule me to hear the evidence! It is the close-mindedness of both sides of the arguments of today that I fear will be the doom of this nation, for there is no middle ground, a place where we can find common ground.

My example of coffee drinker or heathen is a little extreme, but I hope it will get people thinking about a cultural shift from following after extreme beliefs and refusing to allow oneself to listen to what the opposition has to say. I had to learn this lesson, for I had a tendency to just dismiss anyone with a different belief system as “stupid.”

Well, listened to why they thought as they did, and I was amazed to find that they were smart people with different life experiences than me. The events and trials of their lives had colored their perception of what was right and what was wrong in America. It was the same with me! We were not really that different, wanting the same outcome, but believing in different ways to get there. I repented from calling people stupid, especially when I considered that to them I was the stupid one.

Since the beginning of the world, people have wanted the places where they live to be great, but have not always defined greatness in the same way. It is the same today, but the difference is that there was a time when we could agree to disagree, without name calling and denigrating each other. I would like to find that sense of community once again.

Fandango prompt is Schedule. Ragtag prompt is Coffee. Scott’s Daily Prompt is Premium. Daily Addictions prompt is Generate. Word of the Day Challenge is Rash.

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