Buy the Warranty: Divine Intervention

We possess a wonderful French door refrigerator with all the bells and whistles that we bought nearly two years ago. Just before we left for the trip to Portugal this year, we found that after just 15 months, it had stopped cooling. Because of the frugality of my husband, we did not buy the extended warranty, for Douglas believed that refrigerators lasted for at least twenty years. In the old days, they might have, but not so much today.

I acquiesced to his wishes, although I felt in my spirit to buy the warranty online without him knowing about it, for I have learned to listen to that feeling in my heart. But, not wanting to cause offense, I went along with the no warranty. So, you know what’s next, don’t you?

The repairman came, and he told us that the compressor was gone, and while it was under warranty, the labor would be between $800-1000. He recommended throwing it away and buying a new one, as the fridge compressor would need replacing about every two years.

What a royal pain! I so wanted to crow about being right about the warranty, but Douglas was already feeling guilty about it. Thankfully, the old refrigerator was still in the garage. I had tried to give it to a local charity, but could never arrange the pick-up. Douglas wanted to sell it, even posting pictures on online selling sites, but no one bought it. I feigned calmness, but I was tired of having to dodge it in the garage.

With the new model down, the old one was called back into service. Thank God it was still here! We decided to wait until after we returned from the trip to get rid of the new beauty that had cost us $2400, but now was just scrap metal! I cried at the loss of the new beautiful one, but I thought that the old one got the last laugh.

Then,after we were back from Portugal, I received an email from the manufacturer of the new fridge offering a warranty. Without thinking about it, I bought a year’s warranty, for I was not going to miss this chance to correct our mistake. We had to wait six weeks before a claim could be tendered.

When the time was right, I called in a claim, and a wonderful young repairman came out, and after nearly four hours, he fixed the problem, which was not the compressor at all, but a manufacturing flaw to some whatchamacallit. He had to come back the next day to repair a leak from a hose not properly installed, but he was so kind about it. Finally, the new fridge was back in business!

It was an exhilarating feeling to not lose $2400 and to not have to go into the garage every time we needed something from the refrigerator, which was very hard in the middle of winter!  So, I guess you want to know what happened to the old fridge, eh?

Well, one week after the new fridge was repaired, Douglas went out to the old one to get some meat stored in there, and he found that it had stopped cooling. He looked to see if it had come unplugged or something else to cause it to stop running, but found nothing wrong to explain the dilemma. It just stopped working, period!

As Christians, we know it is not a coincidence that an electrical appliance worked just as long as we needed it. No, we believe it was divine intervention, for Romans 8:28 states,  “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” What we experienced were blessings, not coincidences!

What a blessing that the old one was still here. What a blessing that we got a second chance for a warranty. What a blessing that neither of us sung like birds and told the second repairman what the first one had said. What a blessing to have the new fridge,  with all its bells and whistles, working again and bringing my little heart joy.

See your coincidences as what they may surely be: blessings from a loving God who intervenes in the lives of His children.

Fandango prompt is Royal. Ragtag prompt is Bird. Word of the Day Challenge is Exhilirating. Scott’s Daily Prompt is Feign. Daily Addictions is Possess.


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  1. How maddening, at first, to think such an expensive and beautiful fridge quit working so soon..then glad to hear it was a manufacturing glitch that could be easily repaired. Guess we always need to get a second opinion.

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