Not Here for the Money

I was on a webinar earlier about monetizing my blog. It was as I listened to the difficulties that many people have trying to be seen and heard through blog sites that I realized that I am not here to make money. I was looking for an oasis in retirement, a place where I could connect with others, make world-wide acquaintances, all while giving hope to others through the prism of my own pain and survival.

I know that I am blessed to have already completed my working life, and that there are many people my age that still have to work. I also know that there are people who need to monetize their blogs so that they can make ends meet, or their blogs are their source of employment. I have renewed respect for bloggers, after the webinar today, as I was completely gobsmacked with what it takes to make a blog profitable.

I am a peddler of sorts, meaning someone who promotes ideas or views widely. What I peddle are beliefs that no matter what individuals may be experiencing, we humans are resilient enough to survive, often through our faith in God. With the acceptance and appreciation of what I have already written on this blog, I feel I have been given permission to continue to inspire, encourage, and give hope with my stories.

I have not had an average life. I was the child of alcoholics, changing homes and families nearly every year from ages 9-13. I survived domestic violence as a teenager and in my first marriage, and I am a rape survivor. I suffered four miscarriages, gave birth to one child, and I adopted four children when I was 21 years old. I have buried one child and pray not to have to do so again.  I once spent twenty-eight days in a mental hospital because of panic attacks from overwork and unresolved pain.

Yet, today, I am a woman loved and appreciated, a grandmother of 15 and a great-grandmother of seven, retired and traveling as much as we can afford (or the credit limit allows). It is my faith in God and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and, as the name of my blog indicates, help from heaven through the Holy Spirit that explains how I am sane and hopeful.

I want to prevent other people dealing with intensity of suffering that I, in some cases, needlessly endured, by letting them know that we truly are wonderfully and marvelously made, and that we are victors, not victims. It is my hope just to have the things I write read and shared with others.

I guess extra money would be good, for you never know at my age if a long-term care issue will surface, but it is in enjoying the freedom of blogging that I find joy. In my case, I don’t want it to become a job that I come to hate.

Even now, I have to remind myself not to stress over the numbers of likes and views every day, for I have worked hard over the years to not view my value and worth according to the likes or dislikes of others. And if I find that those statistics have become an addiction, then it will be hasta la vista, baby!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life and adventure. It means so much to know that across the globe, there are people who know me and look forward to hearing from me. Now, that value that no amount of money can buy.

Fandango prompt is Prism. Ragtag prompt is Oasis! Scott’s Daily Prompt is Permission. Daily Addictions prompt is Average. Word ot the Day Challenge is Peddler.


5 thoughts on “Not Here for the Money

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  1. I agree with you. I started out not even wishing to see Statistics. But now I can check them every so often. I am enjoying reading your blog and love what you post and your perspective. Keep doing what you love! And enjoy your travels.


  2. There is definitely joy in bloggimg and the community that forms around it. I suspect that there is a certain amount of freedom that we give up when we earn an income from our blogs, but I guess we all havs to figure out what we can tolerate. I admire the way you’ve drawn a line for yourself on terms of how far you’ll allow yourself to go. It truly is easy to get sucked in by likes and traffic.

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