Share Your World October 22, 2018

Answers to questions from Sparks from a Combustibe Mind for Share Your World

1. Name two books that have influenced you and share how.

Both are children’s books, but I believe their message can resonate with adults, especially those of us struggling with fear of inadequacy from comparing ourselves to others. I read each one as an adult, as I looked for books for my children to read. The Litlle Engine That Could taught me perseverance in all things. Just keep plugging away and never stop trying, and success will eventually come. The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh reminded me that we all seek to love and be loved. Winnie’s relationships with his friends, including Christopher Robin, helped me believe that there were relationships and friendships that can make us better people, and I really wanted to experience that kind of joy in the presence of others who wanted to be with me, just as Pooh and Christopher Robins did. It is an eternal story of acceptance and belonging.

2. In your opinion, where is the line between are and not art?

A great question for a museum lover. For me, art speaks to our souls. It connects us to the human experience, so pictures, music, or blogs that capture the fragility of life and reminds us that there is a genuine human spirit shared by each of us. In real art, everyone sees something that reminds them of what is good and real in the world. Looking at Van Gogh;s work in Spain was amazing, for even though his work occurred so long ago, I could identify with the dark places in his work, as well as see the hope in the light and colorful works. That is art for me, and work ceases to be art when it simply seeks to shock us or grab our attention, but has no redeeming qualities, nothing about it helps us to be better people or see hope in the human condition.

3. What is something that annoys you but doesn’t bother most people?

I get upset when I see dog poop on the ground. Most people just step lightly, like my husband, and it does not make them go crazy. I think it is such bad behavior to let your dog do his or her business on public walking spaces and not have the common decency to pick it up, so that people do not have to walk looking down to avoid stepping in it. I want to look at the scenery or in my husband’s eyes as he talks to me, not looking down because someone thinks their dog’s poop don’t stink! You get the picture, I am sure, from my rant that it puts my knickers in a wad, as the British used to, or still do, say.

4. What or who in your life brings you the most joy?

That is an easy one: my husband, Douglas. Douglas is a joy to behold. He loves me in ways I never thought possible for me. Before him, I could have sworn that there was a sign on my forehead with my phone number asking any man who wanted someone to hurt physically or emotionally to call me. I did not think myself worthy of a “good” man. Then, Douglas sent me an email in a Christian dating website, and the rest is romance and joy history! He makes me laugh, and I love to return the favor. He is an adventurer with a wonderful 10-year-old soul (look at his socks below!), so I have adventures I never expected. God’s great love for me is evidenced in the gift of Douglas. He is not perfect, and because neither am I, we work!


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  1. What lovely answers! ❤ Your description of what art "is" was perfect! It SHOULD uplift and enlighten people, not shock or terrify them…but it's subjective and in the eye of the beholder. Some 'art' makes me wonder what those people 'see' and be thankful I don't see things the same way! Thanks for Sharing Your World!

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