A Different World: November Writing Prompt

Somewhere in a galaxy far away, one filled with colorful mountains and endless beauty, there are people living together in perfect peace. There are no right or left, only individuals determined to live in harmony with each other. There is no struggle for ultimate power at the expense of others’ welfare.

Political parties are non-existent, and people find discussing issues so much more fruitful without the nasty commercials shown on earth during sports games, including, if you can believe it, the World Series! Is nothing sacred any more on earth, or is it all about having one’s way, no matter how it impacts others?

I mean, what’s wrong with the people of earth, who seem to find it impossible to just follow the Golden Rule? People, just treat everyone, whether stranger or friend, the way you would like to be treated, if you were in their shoes! Forget race, gender, class, age, or nation of origin, and just concentrate on each other’s humanity. Gee whiz, loving your neighbor as yourself is not rocket science!

Written for November Writing Prompt of the Haunted Wordsmith. Words are impossible, endless, and struggle.

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