Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 22: Happiness Is

I am not a photographer, but I wanted to participate in this challenge, to present what happiness means to me.

Happiness means being with family, especially new members like great-grandchildren. Below are four generations together on my birthday.


Happiness is traveling the world with my husband, an adventurer if ever there was one. Thank God for Internet dating. 14 years and headed for til death due us part.

alicante Castle 2


Happiness is standing on the beach looking at the ocean or sea and realizing just how small your problems are. The vastness of the ocean amazes me, as you cannot see it all.



Happiness is visiting ruins and churches when traveling the world that helps us appreciate the continuity of life and that problems really do pass.



Happiness is spending hours in museums appreciating art and knowledge from centuries ago and thanking God for giving humans the talent to create art and knowledge that touch other people’s souls and remind us of our shared humanity.


Happiness is a good meal that nourishes our bodies as God’s love nourishes our souls.


Lastly, happiness is walking in nature and thanking God for the beauty around us, for colors that make flowers so vibrant, they mend our broken spirits.


Happiness, ultimately, is about appreciating the grace and mercy of God that allows us to live life to the fullest, enjoying all that brings smiles to our faces and joy to our hearts. I wish you all much happiness!

Written for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge posted by Leya: Happiness is.

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  1. When you have God, that is the ultimate source of your happiness and to see four generations in your family together that is just great. Thank you for sharing and participating.


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