Redemption: Wordle #212

Moe knew that people saw him as a cantankerous old badmash, and he well deserved the title. He had been a wild child, mostly due to the melancholy of living with parents who thought that he could not hold a candle to his big brother, Charlie, who was a star athlete and scholar.

No one thought that he had any redeeming qualities, and he couldn’t blame them, for he had torpedoed both his marriages with his drinking and carousing with other women. So, his oily reputation as a smooth-talking scoundrel seemed to follow him wherever he went, preventing him attempting to change his behaviors. Then, while in Biloxi, Mississippi, he met a woman who saw something good in old Moe.

Taking a break from gambling, Moe walked down to the Biloxi Lighthouse, and there he came upon sweet Charlotte. They began to talk. She asked him some personal questions, such as if he had ever been married. He started to just give her pertinent information like his age and education level, but he somehow knew that he had to be truthful with her.

Fearing that she would measure him by the same moral ruler that others had used and think low of him, he was pleasantly surprised when she found his honesty refreshing. She invited him to join her for dinner at the buffet in her hotel, and over dinner, she told him of her own shady past as a con artist.

Then she declared that she believed that with the love of the right person, anyone can be changed, and that she thought that underneath all of the hurt of his childhood, Moe was a good person. Moe had wanted so much to be viewed as capable of being good, so, as they hugged and promised to see each other the next day, he looked toward heaven and he thanked God for another chance at redemption.

Written for Wordle #212 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Cantakerous, candle, torpedo, oily, buffet, badmash, ruler, lighthouse, wild, melancholy, pertinent, and personal. Picture from Scenic USA.

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