I Hate Cleaning the Fridge

Of all of the chores needed constantly doing in our house, cleaning the refrigerator has to be the one I absolutely hate to do. Neither Douglas or me want to do it, and it seems we keep put it off hoping that the other one will decide to do it first.

Probably the refrigerator cleaner’s greatest nemesis is the Tupperware wannabes in which we store our left-overs. We really mean well by saving the remnants of meals, convinced that we are surely going to eat them one day, saving us money. Yet, each day we cook something new and forget about the yesterday’s bits and pieces.

Then, when it is time to clean the fridge, we open the containers and find inside a putrescent glob of something, so long in the fridge that we don’t even know what it was. You open it up slowly, trying to keep the stench of rotting food at bay until you can throw it in the garbage.

My heart goes out to the fridge cleaner who is not adroit enough at emptying the container into the trash, and ends up with a smelly mess on the floor. Hopefully, they do not have a highly sensitive nose!

All seems to go well with the cleaning until you get to the end and remove the vegetable bins at the bottom of the refrigerator. There you find what looks like an eruption of everything ever spilled in the refrigerator. You need strong arms and stomachs to remove all of the goop there.

I know that it is a job that needs to be done at least once every six weeks or so, and that is is fatuous to wait to see if Douglas is going to volunteer for the job, especially as he has never cleaned the fridge once in 14 years of marriage. But, hope springs eternal that one day, he will actually feel so remorseful for spilling foodstuff in the refrigerator that he will actually clean it, for once.

Fandango prompt is Floor. Ragtag prompt is Putrescent. Scott”s Daily Prompt is Bay.  Word of the Day is Eruption. Your Daily Prompt is Fatuous.

4 thoughts on “I Hate Cleaning the Fridge

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  1. I don’t like it either. I can’t kneel any more, and now my back is making it hurtful for me to bend over. So I’ve learned to be more faithful at using up the leftovers for a light lunch, or depending on what’s in there at the end of the week, I’ll make what I call “Clean the Fridge Stew.” It doesn’t sound good, but sometimes I’ll wish I’d written down exactly what went into it because it was so good! Necessity has taught me to stay after this chore. I’d probably have to pay someone to come in and do it otherwise.

    I really hate cleaning the toilet, too.

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  2. I agree with you my friend. That truly is an onerous job. The best year for cleaning the fridge was the year my daughter was born and I was given the gift of a once a week cleaning lady. She was so efficient! I loved her schedule. In addition to cleaning the entire house once a week, she did a once a month job each week; week 1 – scrub all the baseboards, week 2 – wash all the windows on the inside of the house (we have 30 windows), week 3 – clean the oven (another onerous job at the time without a self cleaning oven) and week 4 – clean the fridge. That fourth week was well worth every penny my folks paid for her. What a luxury! Wish I had that service again.

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