Reaching Milestones: 500 followers! Yahoo!

We reached the 500 followers milestone on Friday. I want to thank everyone who honors us by following the blog.  This comes as Douglas and I have made a decision regarding the two blogs, the other being The Humble Word Nerd.

I will continue to write on the Help from Heaven blog, mainly because I started it as a way to write posts that encourage, inspire, and give hope. Even my fiction is meant to convey that we are resilient overcomers and more than conquerors. Douglas asked to join in, but now he wants his own space, particularly to post on nutrition and so that people know whose sentiments they are reading. 

If you follow Help for Heaven for Douglas’s nutrition articles, then I invite you to follow him at The Humble Word Nerd. If you follow the Humble Word Nerd for my fiction, then please follow me on Help from Heaven. We will update our About pages, to minimize confusion.

Of course, I hope you will follow them both, as they will be different in content and vision, but no less wonderful. Forgive us the confusion as we both seek to “spread our wings!”

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