I Am Sorry that I Made a Mistake: Please Be Kinder

I wrote a post like Saturday for the Friday Fictioneers for December 7, and I did not pay attention to the word limitations. I have written for this challenge before, but for some reason, I just looked at the photo prompt, without checking the directions for the number of words allowed.

 It was my mistake, and I have no problem admitting it. I missed up, big time. But, surely on a platform like WordPress where words are used to convey emotions and opinions, there must be an etiquette regarding the right way to tell someone that they did something wrong.

I received a comment on my post that appeared as though the  person liked the post. The comment began with a statement on the post being enjoyable, but then noted that I had managed to fit the story into 100 words, calling it incredible.

Well, I went to look at the post, which I thought I remembered was more than 100 words. I was right, for it was a long post. Then, I went to the website of the hostess of the challenge, and I read that it was meant to be only one hundred words or less.

I am appalled that I failed to notice the requirement. As a professor for so many years, I always reminded students to read all of the directions before starting on the assignment. I did not follow my own expectations, and I am so embarrassed.

But, is it necessary to make me feel stupid, to deride me and with sarcasm, metaphorically, slap me in the face? Does it help anyone to skewer me, rather than simply say that maybe next time I want to check the word limitations?

I could feel the fury behind the words, and it is obvious that I teed the person off by using too many words. Isn’t there a kinder, gentler way to let people know that they have screwed up? There should be, if there isn’t right now!

I replied to the comment apologizing for the mistake, noting that I simply did not notice the limitations, and I should have done so. I tried to find a comment section on the host blog to apologize to everyone who wrote on the challenge, and especially to the hostess, but I found no comment box.

We are a community. I have met, at a distance, some of the finest people I have had the pleasure to converse with in my life. I look forward to commenting on their posts and feel such joy when they reply or comment on mine. As writers who blog, we should know more than anyone else the power of words to hurt or help others.

Again, I apologize to everyone who posted on Friday Fictioneers for Friday, December 7, 2018. I will be more diligent in the future to read all of the directions, especially the word count limitations. All I ask is that when I make a mistake, make me aware so that I learn from the experience.

Let’s treat each other with respect and allow each other to retain our dignity. Realize that mistakes happen, and it just should not be assumed that someone is breaking the rules because they think they are better than someone else or have more to say. That was not my intent.

I just messed up. Please forgive the rant-like nature of this post, but I could not sleep until I got this out of my system. I am not trying to embarrass anyone, I just hope it will prevent another blogger having their feelings hurt and made to feel like crap.

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