Watch Out For Sneaky Drinks

Joe tried not to get drunk at last year’s party,

Determined that no amount of pain would impinge,

But, he failed to take into account once more,

The fancy drinks made with Sweet Revenge.

So, he celebrated as usual a little too much,

And began the new year with many hurts.

“Never again,” he declared to his skeptical friends,

Who knew how forgetful Joe got on December Thirty-first.

So, although Joe has plans to stay sober this year,

It’s unlikely that he will, I have a hunch.

You see, Joe really loves those sneaky drinks

That, though sweet, pack a powerful punch.

So, be careful, my friends, as you celebrate this year,

For alcohol of all kinds lowers our inhibitions.

And I wouldn’t want to see you, like Joe always do,

With pain and regret as your New Year’s traditions.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year’s Eve. Happy 2019.

Written for The Three Things Challenge by the Haunted Wordsmith: celebrate, forgetful, and fancy. Fandango prompt is Revenge. Word of the Day Challenge is Traditions.

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