Our Common Spirit

I did return to the gym for the second day of the new classes that I have signed up to take. The first class was so easy that I thought that I would just cruise through the classes. But, the second day is the one that brings us into reality.

My new acquaintance and I had told the newest people that the class was not difficult at all. So, imagine my surprise when the balls and resistance bands came out, things I have never used. I was so embarrassed, but no one felt offended and we had a good time, albeit a strenuous one.

I was the only person that needed a resistance band to place my feet on my knees. When the instructor brought it to me, I just accepted that I had need of it and kept moving forward.

What I liked was that each of the women cheered each other and encouraged each other. Our common spirit and hopes for each person to reach their health goals made the class fun, meaning that no one shamed anyone, so we could relax and be ourselves.

I collected names, and if you read my early blogs, you know that I am not good at introducing myself to strangers. But, I made the effort on Monday and Wednesday to align myself in a group. Two lovely ladies and I talked and laughed together after class. We laughed at our own antics, and it felt good just to be accepted. Nearly everyone in the class is over age 60, except for maybe two or three women and the instructor.

Ironically, the session was not as intense as it could have been because the instructor had hurt her back! She smiled as she spoke of how she is teaching us to be flexible and balanced so we don’t hurt our backs or anything else, and then she overdid her exercise regimen.

Still, she gave us great information and some homework, reminding us that we had to practice at home, if we were to get the results we want. I will have to go buy a exercise mat tomorrow, right after I finish the new class I am joining that meets just before the current ones.

I am so thankful to be healthy enough to exercise, and I realize that a modicum of health is a blessing, something that the two other ladies and I discussed on yesterday. This gift has more meaning for me today, as I walked with Douglas, who has thrown his back out playing Frisbee golf!

I am thankful, too, when strangers see our common humanity and respond to me in a positive way. I try to live the words of Luke 6:31: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I believe that when people see that you genuinely want to know them and enjoy being in their presence, that through a common spirit, mutual respect and even friendship is possible.

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