A Time of Reflection: Three Things Challenge

Arlene felt the cold, even with the cloths stuffed in all of the small holes in the walls of the shack. She had come to this place situated so far away precisely because she did not want to interact with anyone else.

She looked out of the window at the beautiful sunrise, and she thought of what a great photograph she could be taking and posting on her Facebook account. But, this was a time to reflect on the next journey in her life, now that she had given up what she thought was her dream job.

She had sent a letter to her boss that expressed her inability to continue in a job that required her to be duplicitous and dishonest. She had lived too long with her mind in a mist of ignorance, that feeling that you get when you are trying to hide from your real self.

Every day that she forged papers was like walking on the edge of a cliff, never knowing when the ground would shift beneath your feet and send your life spiraling down into an abyss so deep it would be nearly impossible to climb out again. So a change was needed.

In the letter, she had simply said, “My honor and integrity mean more to me than the size of my paycheck. Being able to tell my children what I do at work and being proud of my work require that I leave your employment. I don’t expect a recommendation, and I am not asking for one. One day, what you are doing to destroy people’s lives will catch up with you, and I don’t want to find myself too embarrassed to look my children in their eyes.”

As she sat in the coldness of the shack, she felt a great weight lifted from her soul. It brought her some comfort.

Fictional story written for The Three Things Challenge for the Haunted Wordsmith: mist, shack, cliff. 
Ragtag prompt is Letter. Your Daily Prompt is Photograph.

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