Homesick: Saturday Mix

Katie wanted to love this city that was the hometown of her new husband, Charles. But, she was so homesick, and the super-tall buildings did not help alleviate her hunger for her island home on Kauai. Here the skyscraper kissed the sky, shutting out the sun’s warming rays.

How anyone found joy in their souls in this place, she just could not fathom. But, home for her was where Charles could find employment as a investment banker, and working in New York’s Wall Street was the epitome of success in his field. She would learn to love this place, for she loved him so much!

Walking beside her, Charles could see her suffering, and he understood just how much she loved him that she would leave her home and come live in a concrete jungle. She was used to ocean breezes, with the taste of salt on one’s face. With awe in her voice, she had told him once that the whitecaps on windy days seemed to clap their hands in praise to God.

He was at the top of his game, playing with the big boys in the financial capital of the world. Nearly every investment banker hoped to work in New York some day, and he had achieved that dream. He loved the noise and taxis and relentless pursuit of success in New York. The excitement of a place that never sleeps filled his soul with joy and peace.

He could just pretend that he didn’t see her sadness. After all, she had promised to love and cherish him, no matter what, including living in New York. She knew he worked here when she married him, so he should expect her to live up to her vows. He could retire before he was fifty, if they remained here, for goodness sakes!

Katie looked at him and smiled that beautiful smile that had captured his heart as he had watched her running towards him. She had stopped to help him, as he had tripped and fallen down on the promenade. He remembered how the sun had formed what looked like a halo around her head, and he had asked, “Are you an angel?” She had laughed and said, “You must have a concussion!”

They were married nearly a year to that first meeting in a wedding on the beach, with the ocean adding its thunderous applause to their mating. She had glowed there in a golden sunshine, and he had felt so blessed. As much as she loved her island, she had left it for him, and now, he had to make a decision.

It wasn’t as hard a decision as he thought it would be, for he loved her very much! He could work anywhere with a good wifi connection, including on an island. They had compromised. Rather than move back to Hawaii, they would make Miami Beach their new home. He would be near the excitement of Miami, and she would be near the ocean.

Fictional story written for Saturday Mix Challenge by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie.

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