Thanks for Loving Me As I Am: Three Things Challenge

I was not born to cook! I have high intelligence, but when it comes to fixing food of any kind, I am just lost. I tried to explain this to my new boyfriend, John, but he assured me that anyone can cook fish.

So, on a lovely Saturday morning, clear skies and the sun shining prettily, John drove us in his old jalopy to his favorite fishing hole. I didn’t really want to go fishing, but I did want John in my life, so sacrifices had to be made.

We are opposites, as John is more outdoorsy, enjoying fishing, hiking, and boating. I am more of an indoors person, as in reading, writing, blogging, and watching British mysteries. Even so, I think that we make a great couple, as we encourage each other to expand comfort zones.

Back in my apartment, John is instructing me on cooking the trout he caught. I was so squeamish that he had to clean the fish and prepare them for me to cook. After explaining in minute details what I needed to do, he went to the store for tartar sauce.

I really wanted this to go well, but as soon as the door closed, I forgot nearly everything John said to do. So, I used my true and tried method for cooking almost everything: I microwaved it! Well, let’s just say that nuked fish is not a pretty sight, breaking into what looked like a million pieces!

I was so sure that John would not want to see me again once he saw the fish. But, to my dismay, he just started laughing! “Well, you were right,” he said. “You cannot cook! But you are so wonderful in other ways. Let’s go to Red Lobster!”

So thankful that he still saw my value and worth, I offered to pay! He accepted, and with a big smile on his face, he said, “I can see that there will never be a dull moment with you!” Amen to that!

Semi-autobiographical fictional story for The Three Things Challenge from The Haunted Wordsmith: fish, nuke, jalopy. Ragtag prompt is Cook. Daily Addictions prompt is Opposite. Word of the Day Challenge is Intelligence.

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