Dogs are Life-Savers: Three Things Challenge

Kathy was on the couch, with her left foot resting on a pillow. Having hurt her foot, she could do not more than watch television and look out of the front window.

She was glad that no one could see her, for her hair was standing up all over her head like she had on a helmet and was headed to war. She also felt like she had been in the middle of a skirmish that she had lost. She didn’t know what was wrong with her, thinking that it was probably the painkillers she was taking.

But, her beagle mix, Bailey, kept pushing his nose against her arm and barking. She looked at the dog and said, “Stop it, Bailey! You are going to get in trouble with Mommy!” But, the dog kept on barking, undeterred by the tone of her voice. Indeed, he became even more insistent! A braver attempt had never before been seen as that little dog trying to save his Mommy.

She laid back on the couch, and when started sweating and feeling dizzy, she realized what Bailey was trying to tell her! She immediately hopped up, grabbed her glucose monitor from her purse, and was appalled to see how low her sugar levels were.

Having difficulty thinking clearly, she hopped into the kitchen. She opened a can of Coke that was kept for moments like this, and she drank it. Then, she sat in a chair in the kitchen, waiting for her glucose level to rise, which it eventually did!

When she could manage it, she hopped into the front room and called Bailey to her. She hugged her sweet boy, thanking him for once again saving her life. In fact, it had been Bailey barking when he smelled her breath that had alerted her and her husband that she was diabetic.

Kathy didn’t know how Bailey could detect her glucose levels, but she had always believed that the dog was a gift from God, meant to be a help, especially when she was alone in the house. She prayed and thanked God for her precious little dog.

This semi-autobiographical fictional story was written for the Three Things Challenge from The Haunted Wordsmith for January 20, 2019: couch, foot, helmet. Also, for the January Writing Prompt from Putting My Feet in the Dirt: a braver attempt had never before been seen. Ragtag prompt is Pet.

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